Wednesday, 24 May 2017


The following piece has been summarily edited.
How, where and why these edits took place
It does not behove Whitehall to say,
Save that as long as certain cells persist
In their delusional notions of truth
Word-bans will always be brought into force,
Word-disseminators always presented at court.
This in accordance with Clause 444.

Dear Minister [REDACTED], please listen; I swear
I'll be brief - because it's known you play fair,
It seemed the most obvious last-ditch attempt,
In protecting [REDACTED], to acquire your consent.
Since the winter, things have only [REDACTED]
Especially once certain decisions were made.
It's been tough. Have pity. We know it's not law
But at times like this, with the wolf at the door,
I can't help but wonder, where is [REDACTED]?
It's not a commodity that needs must be rationed.
My daughter is twelve. She's unhappy at school.
If we're born love-capable, we're also born cruel.
On her way home this week she was suddenly accosted
By two youths, louts, thugs, to whom she riposted
"Leave me alone" - whereupon they [REDACTED].
Thank God a pensioner caught them in the act,
Informed the police, who have been round at ours,
But assert the offenders won't be put behind bars
For one simple reason, and one reason alone:
One's the son of [REDACTED], grandee well-known.
Careers can be wrecked, that's what they say.
But we just want [REDACTED] at the end of the day.
Just a girl. Not yet grown. I can't understand why
Her Majesty's court heeds only the cries
Of like-skinned, like-minded, like-born, like-blooded.
"Open the gates," we're told, "and soon we'll be flooded
By all manner of miscreants." I'd never dare claim
Perfection, not for mine or my own. Please do the same.

Please reformat your complaint in suitable verse
As instructed. Non compliance earns you much worse.

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