Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Sequence of 17 Haikus

These haikus were originally published in The Rambler in 2014.

Our lives' music rests
Light on an unknown cadence
When we clasp in rain.
Inky, restless hours:
Your absent laugh fills my room.
The city sleeps on.
To know that shortly
We'll be enveloped in spices - 
It gladdens my bones.
(IV - i.m. BH)
When she buries you
In kisses, and her eyes beam,
Heartbeat, lose yourself.
The ineffable -
Feline you curls and murmurs,
Wrapped in me, secure.
All my nights askew
Without my silken Liebchen
Lying beside me.
(VII - for AF)
Suburb melodies,
Olives and kitchen kisses
Anchor us once more.
(VIII - for MK)
Scented heaviness 
Engulfs, as you rest by me,
My smells yours, yours mine. 
Soft, I kiss your nape,
Taste your fluttering flesh,
Know you sweet and smooth.
Like a captive bird,
Your heart quivers so gently,
Mine to grasp and guard.
(XI - i.m. Rodin)
This cold marble chunk
Hungrily fuses being
Into molten glow.
(XII - i.m. Rodin II)
Marmoreal pair - 
Dull rock flesh, with our lips' touch,
Shimmers and entwines.
Our love's crescendo:
We crest the waves together,
Then float off in bliss.
Your touch finer far 
Than all cures. In the abyss
Your voice soothes my soul.
(XV - i.m. JRRT)
Girl, light your beacons;
I will come running to you,
Enfold you and hope.
This moment, to keep:
Slumber breaths of golden you,
The world's only sense.
Each day we mounted
Another stair. Twilight saw
My step tumble, fall.

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